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Clearing the decks…

June 8, 2012

I decided this week, during one of my one-on-one therapy sessions (me to myself) that what I really need to do is clear some of the detritus from my life.  Both physically and mentally.  So, I got the dog groomed, vacuumed away all the stuff she has dragged under the bed, and decided at long last to sell some of the equipment I have.  Not that I haven’t been using it, it’s that I’ve been scattered. 

Okay, scatter-brained.  So, I feel much better, even having just made that decision.

I’ve been hand-sewing at night, too.  It’s relaxing, calming while I watch political talk shows and the participants tear away at each other.  I’ve even been watching a bit of CNN.  Believe me, I’d watch something else if  there was anything; last week I actually watched three movies in succession, but I realized I had seen them all before.  I much prefer YouTube, and if there was a way to surf Pinterest while sewing, I’d do that too.

My Etsy shop has been updated with wood charms and cute little buttons that I am making with the laser engraver, and I’ve organized all my stamps so that I can find the ones I want without stressing myself out!  In other words, I am really, really trying to do just one thing at a time.  It’s hard for me.


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